Teak Neutralizing Cleanser (brightener), 1000ml

    Product code: MC1822242

    Teak Neutralizing Cleanser (brightener), 1000ml

    Teak Care

    € 69.00
    • brightening greyed teak as simple as washing hands with soap
    • the original color of the teak is being carefully restored
    • Teak Neutralzing Cleanser harms neither wood nor grout

    Simply apply Teak Neutralizing Cleanser, let stand for 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse with water. The teak will shine bright and clean again and can be saturated conclusively with Swissvax Teak Oil. To brighten teak wood, Teak Neutralizing Cleanser is applied undiluted. To refresh and to clean teak wood, Teak Neutralzing Cleanser is applied diluted with water (up to a dilution ratio of 1:5).