Teak Oil pigmented, 1000ml

    Product code: MC1822246

    Teak Oil pigmented, 1000ml

    Teak Care

    € 69.00
    • protects teak from water and dirt
    • prevents renewed greying after cleaning
    • offers good penetration

    After the pre-treatment with Teak Age Balancer and / or Teak Neutralizing Cleanser teak can be saturated and protected with Swissvax Teak Oil. The slip resistance on deck remains guaranteed as Swissvax Teak Oil does not form any layer on the wood surface. Therefore, the treatment cannot be damaged neither by moisture infiltration nor flaking.

    Swissvax Teak Oils offer good penetration, protect the wood from water and dirt and prevent renewed greying after cleaning. Swissvax Teak Oil is available colourless or in a teak-coloured pigmented version (with UV protection). Both are not suitable for coated or painted surfaces.