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    MOTOR SHINE 500ml

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    Swissvax Motor Shine is a high-gloss engine sealant in a pump sprayer bottle, protecting engine, ignition cables, hoses, etc. from moisture, corrosion, salt and other negative influences. Swissvax Motor Shine remains permanently elastic, dries off completely and enhances the engine compartment with a "new car shine” over prolonged periods. The modern water-based formulation is superior in many respects to conventional engine sealants in spray cans with propellant:

    • The product is not flammable
    • Swissvax Motor Shine mixes easily with a possible residual moisture after an engine wash
    • Surrounding body panels no longer need to be covered - accidental overspray on the paintwork can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth

    Before using Swissvax Motor Shine, engine and parts should be cleaned and / or dusted (e.g. with Swissvax Engine Cleaner).

    Contains: <5% non-ionic surfactants, perfumes.