POLISHING PAD grey (strong) M

    Product code: SE1093095

    POLISHING PAD grey (strong) M

    Exterior care

    € 15.00
    «Strong» Pad M: Ø 135 mm (Heavy scratches / Scratches / Orange peel / Dust nibs, Tears, corrosion)

    grey pad, slightly conical (powerful mechanical effect on paintwork), lower consumption of material due to accumulation in spiderweb slits.

    Machine: Rotary polisher, gear-driven eccentric or eccentric polisher.

    Material: Cleaner Fluid Strong or Medium. Recommended speed range: approx. 500-2000 rpm.

    Applications: Heavy scratches, varnish tears, corrosion caused e.g. by bird droppings or following the use of sandpaper on inclusions. Removal of orange peel should be left to professionals.

    Final finishing: It is essential that the surface is finished with Cleaner Fluid Medium or Professional and a Medium or Fine Pad.